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Why Totally Buffalo Cares Needs Your Help


Infant death rates are 2-3 times higher than the state average

Premature birth rates are higher than the New York State average


70% of moms have no means of transportation for prenatal care


10% of babies are placed in  foster care or alternate living arrangements


26% of newborns have Positive Toxicology and need some form of detox


20% of babies are born with late prenatal care


Approx 20% of births have CPS refereferrals 


The alarming statistics emerging from Niagara Falls, paint a distressing picture of the challenges faced by newborns and their families in this area. Infant mortality rates in these areas are 3 to 4 times higher than the New York State average, a stark indicator of the dire circumstances under which these babies are born. Large percentages of babies born at NFMMC require CPS intervention or are placed in foster care.

Donations to support disadvantaged babies born at Niagara Falls Memorial can provide critical resources and essential infant care items. These contributions can be life-changing, offering these infants a fighting chance at a healthier start in life, which is a fundamental right of every child, regardless of their birthplace.


We are so excited to share our mission with you! We’re collecting essential items and holiday outfits for babies born at Niagara Falls Memorial  Hospital.


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Donate toys, crafts, games and other fun stuff for kids.  Click the Amazon logo below for the wish list!



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Why We Do What WE Do

Parents and professionals can not do it alone.    Our mission is to provide hope and happiness to children who struggle with life’s most difficult challenges.  With our work, we hope to make the challenges of life a little easier. It takes a whole community to make sure our kids are ok.  We need your help, your hands, and your generosity to make this possible.


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Every Child deserves a Fighting Chance From the very begining



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